Garden Sites


Our Work

Like the branches of the mighty oak, the work of the Beautification Committee has spread throughout this town. From the Welcome Signs that greet visitors to Black Mountain, to the 20 public garden spots, the Committee works with town groups to realize this shared vision of Black  Mountain as a hospitable, welcoming community. 

About Our Sites

There are 20 public garden sites in Town and are cared for by a committee member. They range in all sizes and in either full sun to part shade and some have their own unique requirements.  But they all have one thing in common, they are tended and sustained by the member's love and care.

Mapping the Sites

Jack Williams created a map of our public garden site locations throughout the historic district of the Town of Black Mountain.  To download the map, please click below. 

This Month's Featured Locations

Behind Cherry Street Bathroom


This is a hard garden site to keep neat and tidy.  It's right by the dumpsters and the weeds go crazy here.  Thanks to Pat and Carl for starting to get a handle on the weeds.  We finished it up on 11/6 with the helping hands of Mo, Tracy, Pat, Carl and Lyndall.

East Gate


Have you driven by the Welcome Sign on the east side of town?  If yes, you have passed this garden site.  A big thank you goes out to Barbara and Ann for nurturing this garden and making people drive less than the speed limit to view it!

West Gate


Driving into town on US 70 from the west, you are greeted into Black Mountain by our Welcome Sign and garden site.  This garden site is carefully maintained by Roynan who does an amazing job keeping it fresh and beautiful!

The Hill


Behind the Center of the Arts is a path leading down the hill by a sweeping garden.  This garden site is called The Hill".  Several members worked on this site on 11/11/19 to get it ready for winter.