In 2010, the Black Mountain Board of Aldermen purchased 1.2 acres of land  in the center of town. The Board then convened a Town Square Steering  Committee who worked over the next 4 years to discover how the space  should be used, what it should look like and how it would be paid for.  

Voters revealed a preference to use this land for open space, parking  and lastly commercial development. A conceptual drawing of those  elements was developed and the final result is what you see now!   

During the later part of 2015 we began working in the Town Square gardens. Committee members weed, plant seasonal color and perform  the general upkeep to keep this jewel of our town as a welcoming center for all that visit the square.   

Several members of the committee have specific  areas of this garden that they care for:  Suzanne Money, Town Square  Garden Chair, Joyce Black-Woerz, Anne Dale, Rosemary Dietrick, Jackie Drummond, Libba  Fairleigh, Julie King, Jo Langevin, Tracy Munn and Lori Pisani.